Making the leap to meaningful work

30 years ago, I got married to the love of my life, an invaluable partner and companion. Together, we were blessed with four children: three wonderful daughters and one spectacular son, who are my constant sources of inspiration.

Marcele Vardiero

My professional journey began in the legal field. I am a lawyer by training and spirit, driven by restlessness and the desire to make a positive impact on people’s lives. At some point, life led me to be an advisor for the Kidney Foundation, a reflection of my belief that we can always do more for others.

After 19 years exploring the legal universe, 2014 marked a turning point in my career. I co-founded Kles, a company dedicated to outsourcing labor with a very clear mission: to reinvent the cleaning industry. Our unique selling point? Empathy and sincere collaboration.

I had never imagined going so far, challenging paradigms and established structures. However, in a predominantly male market, our people-centered management became our strength. We chose to empower and value our collaborators, understanding that each one brings with them their own experience and personal challenges. Thus, we chose to see them not just as professionals, but as whole human beings, whose dignity and value go far beyond their roles in the company.

This is our philosophy: “We don’t hire people to provide services, we provide services to hire people.” This humanized and purpose-driven view has given us a team of united, engaged, and determined talents, placing human development at the heart of everything.

The validation of our efforts is widely recognized by our collaborators, who affectionately call themselves “Blue Blood.” This name, a reference to Kles’ color, is the living proof that everyone can see.