Embrace your power


Making the right selection of coaches can have a significant impact on your life. Our trainers have the expertise to help you cleanse your mind, body and soul, while also helping you discover and strengthen your true power and potential. 


Helge Alt

Hygiene & Health – Helge Alt

Helge has dedicated over 30 years to improving the field of cleaning. Currently, she is involved in international projects through the Erasmus+ program, an EU initiative that promotes education and social inclusion. Her ultimate goal is to enhance the industry and raise awareness through her training company. She conducts extensive research and provide training to ensure we stay ahead of industry developments and promote well-being in various sectors, including hospitals and hotels. She is committed to assisting individuals and businesses in creating a cleaner and more efficient environment.

Kate Shubina

Mind – Kate Shubina

Kate is a highly motivated and inspiring woman originally from Ukraine, currently residing in Dubai. She is passionate about female independence and the power of women in today’s world. She admires those who invest in self-development, self-love and continuous growth. Kate speaks fluently in Russian, Ukrainian, English and French, making her a valuable asset in many different languages. She also has a great deal of experience in meditation and pranic healing, which has greatly improved the quality of her life and enabled her to become even happier and more fulfilled. She is eager to share her knowledge and provide resources to empower women who are facing difficult times.

Grazia Polidori

Female Empowerment– Grazia Polidori

Grazia is an amazing and passionate speaker from Italy, known for her powerful words and strong voice. She speaks from the heart and is easy to talk with, making her an inspiring role model for many. She is a strong advocate for women’s rights and actively stands up for them, even mentoring some. Her ability to speak multiple languages has enabled her to travel around the world and share her message. Freedom 4 women is her goal.